About CiviForm

Signing up for government assistance is complicated. Residents must repeatedly navigate disparate application systems and re-enter sensitive personal information, which can be demoralizing. Local administrators and community-based organizations lack a "one-stop shop" that collects and organizes information on behalf of residents.

In times of crisis, these problems can be particularly acute.

CiviForm was built to streamline the way residents find and sign up for public benefits programs. It is a low-code, self-service tool intended to make application management simple for government administrators.

CiviForm is a free, open-source software solution for governments that was developed with the City of Seattle and pro bono support from the Google.org Fellowship program. The project will be managed by a third-party steward and is deployed and maintained by civic entities themselves.

To learn more and get started with launching CiviForm in your community, visit the documentation or reach out to info@civiform.us.